Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Koffee Addikt #3 | Kites Cafe, Coimbatore

'The Koffee Addikt' is a series of coffee shop reviews. In this third post, The Pen covers 'Kites Cafe', Coimbatore. For the love of coffee, Read on!!

About: Kites Cafe is a startup by four friends who studied together at Mani's School, Coimbatore. Kites has quickly become a favourite hangout, because of its classy food, tasty coffee and splendid service.
Location: Near Enfield's showroom, Peelamedu, Coimbatore
Beverage: Caramel Latte. Its a regular Latte with caramel added to it. (A shot of espresso, steamed milk, caramel syrup topped with a little  whipped cream). 
* * * * *

She said, "Buddy,  If you are gonna review coffee-shops in Coimbatore, you gotta start at Kites Cafe."
I asked, "Kites where?"
"Kites Cafe, Peelamedu."
"Alright. On one condition."
"Any condition, except commenting on your posts", She said
"Will you show me the place!"
"Why Not, Challoo!", she said!

And that's how I found myself sitting with Sandy at the newest coffeeshop in town - Kites Cafe. The cafe sits in a cosy little undisturbed space, off the Avinashi road, with plenty of parking space.  :) 

As we walked in to the warmly lit cafe, Bryan Adams played softly in the background and I felt at-home instantly. We picked up a corner seat and let Bryan Adams sink in.  

Kites cafe is a start-up by five friends from Mani's school, Coimbatore. Ashwin, one of the owners of the cafe, joined us at the table and explained how it all started. He said that they were five school friends, who went to four different colleges, but used to regularly meet after college hours, at Gandhipuram. After finishing college, they decided to start a coffeeshop, so that they will stay together. He also said that they wanted the cafe to be a space to foster new friendships. As Ashwin described how they had hand-painted the walls and did the interiors themselves, I could see Sandy lost in wonder. That was when the menu arrived and thankfully, Sandy shifted her attention to food. :D

Sandy asked Ashwin what his personal favourite was and he said Caramel Latte. She immediately ordered - "Two Caramel Lattes, please". I'm no fan of flavoured coffee, but this Caramel Latte tasted heavenly. It was just the perfect blend of buttery caramel, cream and coffee. We ordered a Kites Chicken Sandwich to accompany the coffee. I promise upon my coffee that the tasty marinated chicken pieces in their sandwich would drive anyone to ecstasy.

Ashwin offered us a free coffee, if we checked-in on their FB page. I readily checked in and grabbed an extra cappuccino. They always have offers running - Sandy said she got a cup at half-price when she visited Kites on women's day. They also host poetry-reading sessions, musical performances and film festivals in the cafe, and are often seen supporting various social causes in the city. As we walked out, I hi5ed them and said, 'Kites - Fly High!'

Verdict: If you are a Coimbatorean, you gotta check this place out... For the love of coffee and for the love of friendship.
Pic Courtesy: Aravind PM Courtesy: Sandy Location Courtesy: Kites Cafe |

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